Omshanti Yoga Studio & Retreat Center

    April 14-17, 2022


Are you hungry for lots of training, to improve your technique, learn new tricks and enjoy a few days at the beach? This AcroCamp is for you!

  • 4 days of intensive training
  • 18 hours of workshops with 4 teachers
  • Fundamentals & Advanced level
  • Accommodation by the beach, in camping or cabins and also with a swimming pool.


  • L-basing washing-machines & flows
  • Standing Acrobatics (hand to hand)
  • Handstands
  • Therapeutics
  • Yoga & Movement
In each workshop, we will offer progressions and exercises according to the experience of each person. There will be two main technical groups:


  • Minimum experience of 6 months and up to 2 years.
  • We will work on making flows and transitions fluently, paying attention to technical details that offer us solidity and lightness.
  • Introduction to standing acro poses and hand-to-hand on the floor standing.
  • Experience of 3 years or more.
  • New and advanced flows incorporating pops, inversions and speed with fluidity.
  • We will work on hand to hand on the floor and standing with different grips, entries and figures.


Check in: Thursday 14th, from 14h
Check out: Sunday 17th, after 15h


Blue Ocean Camp. Playa de Tasartico. Canarias
Located in one of the most beautiful natural spots of Gran Canaria: Tasartico beach within the natural park of Gui Gui. Feel the adventure on the way to this virgin and exciting place. It won’t leave you indifferent!
Playa de Tasartico (GC-204 final)
Tasartico, Gran Canaria


1 year of AcroYoga experience


WAPP: 623 47 90 25


SUPER EARLY BIRD: First 5 spots

  • Camping – 340€
  • Shared Rooms – 350€
  • Cabin – 385€

EARLY BIRD: Until February 14th

  • Camping – 360€
  • Shared Rooms – 370€
  • Cabin – 405€

FULL PRICE: From February 14th on

  • Camping – 385€
  • Shared Rooms – 395€
  • Cabin – 430€

* Includes 3 nights of accommodation & meals

100€ deposit to secure your spot. The rest is to be paid in cash at arrival.

In case of cancellation, the deposit is not refundable nor can it be used for other events. With the exception that the person contracts covid at least 10 days before the event and can provide an official PCR.In case of coming by plane, we recommend buying tickets with return insurance in case the flight is canceled due to covid-19 reasons or in case people get sick and need to cancel the seat.


Cécile Pageau

Cécile Pageau

Since I was little I started in the world of martial arts practicing karate at a high level for more than 15 years. As a result of acute scoliosis, I began to practice swimming, Pilates and yoga seeking health through movement. Definitely, yoga, especially therapeutic, captivated me to practice until today as the best medicine.

Eternal student, I was trained to share all this by giving classes since 4 years. With the desire to play, create a community and fly in every way, I got to know Acroyoga. What a marvel! Always happy to learn I did the Teacher Training in 2017 with Acroyoga International to share the practice wherever I go. And, finally, Thai Massage took great protagonism when I discovered it nurturing me even more on this path of well-being and holistic self-knowledge.

Edu Juanet

Edu Juanet

Trained in acting and body language in Barcelona, his hometown. Where he developed a great interest in the pedagogy of the movement.

Through dance studies he got to know the world of AcroYoga from which he graduated as a teacher and has been teaching classes, workshops and intensive courses for more than 6 years all over the world motivated by his vocation for teaching.

Later on he starts leaning towards circus, handstands and standing acrobatics that becomes his main training. In 2018 he opens his own AcroYoga, Circus and Movement center, Atempo Barcelona, to be able to live his passion for teaching and transmit his way of understanding and practicing partner acrobatics.

Mireia Castellsagué

Mireia Castellsagué

Mirea has been teaching and practicing yoga for 17 years and has been an acroyoga teacher for 10 years.

She is a yoga and AcroYoga trainer, she offers training internationally.

Founder of the Omshanti Yoga Studio (started 2005), the Barcelona Yoga Conference (started 2010), the Barcelona Acrobatic Convention (started 2015) and the Festival AcroYoga Barcelona (started 2017).

She is also a Special Education teacher, a waldorf teacher, a trainer in children’s yoga and acroyoga for families.
She is passionate about the method of Nonviolent

Communication of Marshall Rosenberg and in all human dynamics to establish languages and bonds of quality and respect.

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