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About Omshanti

Founded in 2005 by three siblings, Mireia, Wari and Pau Castellsagué, their life and love for yoga unites them to expand and share the practice. In addition to creating a local community through Omshanti, they also travel, teach, and are involved in multiple yoga projects around the world.

Together they organize their most important annual event, the Barcelona Yoga Conference, an international encounter with yoga teachers and music artists from around the world creating a platform to learn, experience, discover and transform.


144m2 Yoga Hall
30’ from Barcelona
Full Nature
Delicious Vegetarian Food
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I left my life-long yoga studio to come to Omshanti. I came in with reluctance, without conviction (Due to the “attachment” to my old teacher) without knowing very well what I would find. That’s a few years ago. And I found a generous yoga studio, where everything is done from the heart, with a lot of love and humility, a family that opens its doors to everyone, who welcomes and accompanies. At Omshanti I really understood the meaning of the Sangha. Now I feel part of it.
Thanks to all, teachers, colleagues, friends.

I discovered Omshanti for the first time about 6 years ago (2012). It was in a Calçotada. I arrived without knowing anyone and the first thing I remember is a huge table in the garden full of delicious food. People of all ages, children playing… it did not give the impression of a Yoga studio, it seemed more like a Sunday family gathering. Since that time life has given me the fortune of returning to Omshanti almost every year.

Today I would say that for me Omshanti is where my Catalan family lives. It is that place in the middle of my trips, away from Argentina, where I feel like home, a place where I can rest. Each course is a family sharing, each stay is a break, and each teacher a friend of the soul.

I arrived at Omshanti in 2013, looking for a place to attend yoga classes. For years I practiced yoga and had been in different studios, and from the beginning, I saw that Omshanti was different. Here I felt like home. Omshanti is much more than a yoga studio, it’s a family, and this is noted with the always warm, loving and lively welcome you receive from everyone: from the Castellsagué siblings, who love the project and open the doors of his house; all the teachers who are completely delivered and put so much love in all their classes; and the crew who works to make the studio always beautiful, clean and inviting. It is impossible not to love Omshanti and its people.

I arrived with the intention to join some yoga classes, but I received a lot more. In Omshanti I have practiced yoga, but I also had the opportunity to help cook, clean, paint, fix the house, pick up wood, make a garden … I have been able to enjoy beautiful sunsets, the tranquility of the garden, the hours of conversations in a very good company …

There has been calçotades, dinners and celebrations, and I have always attended them with a great joy from my heart, because when you love something, you do everything you can so more people can also enjoy it.

Omshanti gives you so much! Without realizing you see that your inner vision of the world is changing. And it is that in Omshanti you can check how the power of yoga coming from classes impregnates throughout the house, in everything that is done. For those who think that yoga is only about doing some postures, at Omshanti you will be able to experience that yoga is a lot more, it is a way of living and yoga can be practiced 24 hours a day in everything you do.

Thank you very much for every family!

For me Omshanti is laughter, it’s joy, it’s light, it’s growth! Omshanti is home and family! It’s the retreat center you don’t want to leave from.. every time I go something has improved and it makes me want to do the same.
Omshanti is amazing
Omshanti is the best
Shri ram jai ram jaia jaia ram!

Omshanti is a place that feels like home. My first experience at Omshanti was as a student for a 12-day Thai Massage course. The space that has been created at Omshanti is so inviting- comfortable dorm room, many areas to sit and eat either talking with other students or in solitude with your thoughts, and the shala… let me just say you can feel the love that went into building the shala the second you walk in.

Now- as the course organizer for Birthlight On Tour- every year, I offer a 6-day retreat at Omshanti. Next year will be our 4th year and the reasons I keep coming back are many. Not only is Omshanti easy to reach from Barcelona, but the food is delicious, every prop you could need is available, and working with Mireia, Wari and Pau is always a worry-free and wonderful experience.

Incredibly loving & beautiful space! The fruit trees, the details, the garden, the house, the shala, the pool, the sauna, the huts & hidden corners – a magical and perfect spot to come for retreats or workshops! Very conscious and with a focus on sustainability. Most wonderful hosts & owners! (I stayed for an 11 day Thai Massage Course – super highly recommended :))
Amazing space created by amazing people… inspiring!

10th Barcelona Yoga Conference ♥ 6-10 July 2023

5 full days of Yoga, Chanting and Connection

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