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11.pngInicio: Octubre 2018
Donde: Omshanti Ioga (Granollers)
Equipo: Mireia Castellsagué, Judith Estrada, Pau Castellsagué, Pablo Xavier Zaufriategui, Xavier Punsola, Judith Basols i Giovanna Mosquera.
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Bienvenidos a la Formación de Yoga Omshanti

Una formación para profundizar en las técnicas y filosofía del Yoga. Exploraremos el estilo Hatha Vinyasa con dos objetivos principales: el del autocimiento y la transformación personal y el de desarrollar las cualidades del profesor de Yoga. Profundiza en el crecimiento personal siguiendo las prácticas del yoga.

Las 500 horas de formación se distribuyen en un fin de semana al mes durante un año y medio. Los fines de semana son residenciales para poder experimentar la convivencia y los efectos de un retiro en la Naturaleza. Gozaremos de una deliciosa comida vegetariana, local y de temporada.

Vinyasa Yoga · Ajustes de Asana · Pranayama · Meditación · Filosofía · Masaje Tailandés Yoga Embarazo · AcroYoga · Danza Yoga · Mobilizaciones Energéticas. 




Contacto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Weekly Classes

Classes starting September 12th 
Try 1 week for free. 

Weekly Yoga Clases Omshanti.png

I want to try 
1. Arrive 10 minutes early with comfortable clothes and in a while
2. Turn off the cell phone or put it in airplane mode
3. To give enroll leave your email to the teacher and you will receive the online registration

Center regulations
· Monthly Fee: The payment for direct debit is carried out between the 1st and 5th of each month.
The 1st month is paid in cash with 25€ registration.
· Enrollment: you pay for the first year and are 25€ for enrollment
· If you do not come to class does not imply the non-payment or reduced payment of the fee. Classes can be retrieved
in other hours until July, as long as you continue to be a student at the centre.
· To unsubscribe or modify your enrollment, notify us by sending an email to
alegria@omshanti.cat before 25th of each month, otherwise the full month must be paid. 

· Adult classes: 1 Weekly Class 43€ | Unlimited monthly classes 61€ | 1 class only 15€
· Yoga for children: 1 child 30€ | 2 brothers 52€ | 3 brothers 72€
· Family prices: 2 sessions x family 61€ | 3 sessions 83€ | 4 sessions 110€ | 5 sessions 132€
· Saturday Mornings Yoga: for free Omshanti students, for the remaining 5€
· Family AcroYoga: 10€ for each adult + child
· Women's Circle: free

* A family unit is a couple living together or a couple with underage children.
* All prices include 21% VAT