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Alliberació Emocional amb Isaïes Bitlloch

10 Maig i 13 Juny de 2015
Lloc: Omshanti Ioga
Hora: 17h 
Aportació: 40€

L'Alliberació emocional és una tècnica de visualització que podràs practicar a casa per transformar ràpida i eficaçment les situacions que ens generen conflicte. Nosaltres ens generem les emocions i nosaltres ens les podem treure.

Quan et tornes a trobar la situació/persona a la vida veuràs que tu hauràs canviat, la situació/persona haura a canviat i els sentiments hauran canviat. Senzill i molt eficaç!

Propers tallers:

  • Novembre, dissabte dia 22 a les 17h
  • Desembre, dissabte dia 13 a les 17h
  • Febrer, diumenge dia 8 a les 17h
  • Març, dissabte dia 7 a les 17h
  • Maig, diumenge dia 10 a les 17h
  • Juny, dissabte dia 13 a les 17h

Info i reserves: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Weekly Classes
Regular classes in Omshanti will be on until June. We will restart our full schedule in October. During July and September we offer you a slightly reduced program (see below). During the month of August we will be closed. There are no classes on July 1, 2 and 3, due to the Barcelona Yoga Conference. 

Yoga with meditation, pranayama, asanas, some dancing, partner yoga, savasana and mantras. +Info

Meditation and pranayama, asanas conecting breath and movement, nidra yoga and mantras. This practice cultivates strength, flexibility and fluidity as we connect the flow of breath with the flow of movement. +Info

Come and practice. The space is opened for teachers and students to practice and share. No guided practice. 

Blending the wisdom of yoga, the precision of acrobatics and the theraputics of thai massage. Safe envoirment going step by step and having fun. +info

Yoga for kids from 7 to 14 years old. +Info

Breathing, dancing, sitting and relaxing to get into a meditative state. Creating silence and stillness with a light heart and peaceful mind. +Info

A two hour class to study and practice thai massage with depth. Giving and recieveing massage. +Info

Every 1st Saturday of the month morning sdahana from 9h to 11h. +Info & Dates

Every 2d Sunday of every month AcroYoga Jam from 11h to 13h. +Info &