Kids Yoga


Bringing the benefits of yoga to children
Helping them to find their own limits
Provide tools to share and express themselves

The elements we play with in class are...

  • Hatha Yoga, bodywork through asanas, postures. Flexibility, toning and gaining body awareness, both in movement and in stillness, through animal-related asanas, relaxation and Karanas (such as the sun salutation, moon salutation, eagle salutation... ).
  • Pranayama, conscious breathing. Playing with different types of breathing in yoga class and as a tool for our daily life.
  • Meditation, to concentrate the mind through play, building and meditation with mandalas, candles or images. Creating a moment of silence to listen to ourselves.
  • Karma Yoga, selfless actions that we can do in daily life. We try to observe small details that can make our lives a constant game.
  • Games, to warm up and break the ice. Playing with body expressión, acting out what they are and experimenting with new ways of movement and feeling. Cooperative games, creating union to develop teamwork and create a feeling of security and belonging within the group. Creative games to awaken the full potential of the child.
  • Satsanga literally means meeting of the wise. It is about a space group reflection about values and attitudes of stories, legends and personal experiences of children.


* Knowledge of oneself: Who am I? where do I come from? where am I going?
* Body awareness and expression
* Developing willpower, patience and concentration
* Breathing awareness
* Wake up the joy and creativity. Pleasant and fun time
* Incorporate positive thinking
* Contact the soul, let them be what they are: children

Methodology ...
* From own experience, interests and motivations of the group
* Adjustment progression and emotional development  mental and psychomotor
* Free expression and creativity, developing self-esteem and group cohesion
* Balance between individual freedom and social limits, within a space of safety and respect
* Space-time to listen and get to know our self. Contact the soul.